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Software Asset Management Practitioners Programme

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The Software Asset Management (SAM) membership group at the Federation Against Software Theft is open to all channel based practitioners involved in the provision of Software Asset Management from inventory and licensing tools, through to consultancies and service providers.

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Programme objective:

"We aim to support and enhance the Software Asset Management practitioner community to ensure they are recognised as credible, unified and accredited companies acknowledged by an industry body. Assisting this community to optimise their sales proposition and generate new business through events, marketing and press activity."

Key membership deliverables:

  • FAST brand use and association
  • Lead generation:
    • Hosted webinars - share your subject matter expertise with our database of over 20,000 contacts
    • Customer facing events
    • Referrals from FAST piracy enforcement programme
  • Marketing deliverables:
    • Research output
    • White Paper development
  • Media and PR involvement
  • Networking events:
    • Information exchange forums
    • Education opportunities
  • Vendor agnostic Software Asset Management practitioner accreditation

FAST brand use and association
FAST has an outreach to over 20,000 end user customers and prospects. Members can promote their events and relevant initiatives via the FAST website, online magazine and ebulletins.

Our newsletters have large audiences, typically MDs and FDs in SME organisations or Heads of IT, SAM leaders in enterprise organisations. Appropriate member content may be included in our newsletters.
Lead generation
FAST will run at least two significant customer facing events on behalf of Software Asset Management community members.

Through FAST’s end user Anti-Piracy & Enforcement Programmes many hundreds of piracy leads are received. These, in turn, often need further follow up (post enforcement) by specialist partners.
Media and PR opportunities:
FAST operate a very proactive PR and editorial outreach programme. Content opportunities are frequently available. FAST will also drive a media campaign to launch the research findings and White Papers including PR and interviews with Press.

FAST will regularly monitor and respond to relevant industry news covering topics of interest and give a voice to best practice guidance from the Software Asset Management group at FAST, these will include member quotes and credits as well as social media strategy.
Networking events
Utilising the broad skills and experience within the FAST membership we are able to facilitate events for the Software Asset Management community either in person or via the web.

Events include:

  • IP law
  • Corporate governance
  • Audit legal obligations
  • Vendor training updates
  • Legal clarity on vendor EULAs

Vendor Agnostic Software Asset Management accreditation
Currently in development FAST will deliver a practitioner programme aimed at the Software Asset Management channel community. This will include a self-assessment process that will enable partners to be FAST accredited in recognition of the Software Asset Management programme and audit process they conduct.

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