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Whenever you write software code, you create an asset that’s protected by copyright. You know it’s important and that FAST can help you keep it secure. 

But what about the dozens of other ‘intangibles’ that your business is likely to own? Do you know what they are, how to look after them, and what they’re worth?

Companies who actively manage their intellectual property (IP) grow faster and are more successful exporters (10% more likely to report overseas income*). They are better placed to find finance and more attractive to acquirers. 

Where do you begin?

Inngot’s unique online tools de-mystify the topic of IP. They will find, rate and value all your non-physical business assets, in an easy three-step process:

  • A profiling tool, which uncovers all the IP you own and logs it in a detailed report you can download and share;
  • A rating tool, Appraise, which diagnoses your profile, then highlights risks, opportunities and essential IP information in an interactive ’action plan’;
  • A valuation tool, Sollomon, developed with specialist input from Grant Thornton UK LLP, which tells you just how much your IP is worth to your business.

If you are looking for investment or other finance, considering licensing, planning an exit strategy or, in fact, doing anything with your IP, Inngot tools will be ‘pivotal’ in your negotiations.

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