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As the appeal of apparent initial savings continues to drive the $2bn-a-year global counterfeit software industry, the impact on enterprises is set to quadruple this year.

The latest Trading Standards Workforce Survey has found that by 2016 most Trading Standards services in England and Wales will have had their budgets cut by an average of 40 per cent compared with their 2010 levels.

It is somewhat ironic that as I have already reported that while Trading Standards is under increasing financial pressure, Hounslow Trading Standards officers (assisted by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)) executed a warrant at an address in West London. 

Once seen as the most relaxed of working days, Friday is rapidly becoming the day of choice for employees looking to report software misuse in their organisations.

A major study by IDC has revealed the true cost of using counterfeit and pirated software for enterprises and consumers, pointing to dramatically heightened risks of malware infection, security breaches and financial loss.